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Handcrafted Herbals & Energy Healing
By: Samantha Lynn


Hello.  My name is Samantha Lynn, and I created Wholistic Herbals as a way to share my spirit with the world.


I've been a plant ally my whole life.
Starting with making crafts for my Mother out of nature findings.
In my early 20s, I became interested in holistic health and I began to wonder what is in our food and daily products. I started actively shifting my habits and paid more attention to what I was allowing into and on my body.


I dove into the holistic health world in 2016,
and my love for the plant world truly blossomed.
I felt a connection to the plants as I realized they weren’t growing just to grow, but they had a purpose; to provide encouragement, reflection, and support
in a world that can be difficult at times.


The more I reconnected to myself and the world around me,
the more I wanted to help those around me reconnect too! 

Eventually, I started creating herbal salves to share with friends and family.
My soul was aching to expand and gravitated to New York
where I would complete training at 
The People's Medicine School
The Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.
Each provided a different experience. One, I learned about the spiritual connection we have with plants, and the other gave me a practical and scientific view.
Both gave me the knowledge I needed to create Wholistic Herbals.


The Wholistic Herbals Apothecary
is stocked with high-quality herbs, infused oils, local beeswax, skin-loving butters, handcrafted salves, balms, sprays, creams, and so much more! 
All salves, balms, and sprays are crafted out of pure love, 
whole ingredients,
and shipped with earth-friendly p

My intention is to not only spread the power of plants,
but to reconnect people with their sense of Self and the natural world.
I received my Reiki certification
from Kathy Manikowski at 
The Purple Door Source and offer
Usui Reiki and Chakra Balancing,
as well as many

to uplift and support our community.
Personally, I enjoy music, art, yoga, and sharing
my love and wisdom with all who are open!

Love, Light, & Healing,

Samantha Lynn

Samantha Harvesting Herbs


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