I'm noticing oil spots on my container as time goes on, is this normal?

Yes! The majority of our products are packaged in 100% compostable cardboard containers. Depending on storage and use, oil spotting may occur at different rates. Keep the container in a cool area out of direct sunlight, and it will delay the process. The container isn't built to last forever!

How long will my salve keep?

Due to the nature of our compostable containers we recommend using salves within 3-5 months. We offer a variety of different sizes; only buy what you need! Store salves in a cool, dry location to ensure the best shelf life.

I can't get my push up tube to work! What do I do?

Step 1: Warm up in palms or place in a sunny window for several minutes.
Step 2: Place the tube upside down (with the cap on) and give it a gentle, but firm push. If the product shoots up too far, give it a slam on a table or counter to settle it back down.
(We recommend storing deodorant in a warm area during cold months, and in a cool area during the warmer ones.)