May Your Pits Feel Dandy | Deodorant

Have you been searching for all-natural odor protection that actually works? Well, look no further! May Your Pits Feel Dandy is power-packed and specially designed to combat sweat and smell with all-natural, straight from the earth ingredients.​ This deodorant is formulated from coconut oil, flowers, and sage leaves with only a hint of baking soda, so don’t let your sensitive skin hold you back from trying this!


Processing time for orders is one week.

Available in four different scents! Each tube is 3oz.
- Scent 1: Sage & Tea Tree - Recommended to heavy sweaters or those new to natural deodorants.
- Scent 2: Lavender & Lemongrass
- Scent 3: Cedarwood & Pine
- Scent 4: Rose & Ylang Ylang (New!)


Never tried natural deodorant before? Here is some info to keep in mind when making the switch:


  - Sweating is healthy, and your armpits are a main detox location on your body. Other antiperspirants clog these pores, leaving the toxins with nowhere to go.


  - Wholistic Herbals’ May Your Pits Feel Dandy uses herbs to help you perspire less and detox naturally, absorbing the wetness instead of preventing it. If you’ve never had a natural deodorant before, you may notice your body expelling more sweat at first while it adjusts to its newfound freedom.



 Effects & Benefits May Include *
 - drying herb // helps reduce and prevent perspiration
 - also helps prevent bacteria causing odor!
 - detoxifying herb // useful when switching to a natural deodorant
 - packed with vitamins good for the skin & helps keep your pits fresh
 - helps prevent bacteria causing odor
 Arrowroot Powder
 - absorbs wetness, leaving your pits dry while still detoxifying naturally
 - provides nutrients to the skin, adding smoothness
Directions: Apply to underarms as needed.


Due to the nature of our eco-friendly containers, products should be used within 3-5 months. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.


I’ve been studying holistic health and herbalism for several years. All products are handmade by me with lots of love, and ingredients are locally and ethically sourced!


Processing time for orders is one week.


Focusing on zero waste, 95% of our packaging is compostable and biodegradable, with the other 5% being reusable and recyclable! All shipping materials are recycled or reused including boxes, plastic bags, paper, and bubble wrap. Feel free to continue the cycle and do the same!


Ask me any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you!


* The information provided is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease.

May Your Pits Feel Dandy | Deodorant

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